We create destinations





We create destinations through concept development and space planning


Form3 is a Danish architect studio, founded in 2002 by Tommy Toft.

We are experts at creating interior spaces, each customised to fit the exact needs and wishes of our client. 

We manage different types of assignments; work spaces, restaurants, private homes, but through the years we have had our focus primarily on retail. Our main priority is to capture the specific DNA of our client, and bring this to life.

We have several years of experience, a passion for design and a wide and competent staff of employees to handle the process from design, project management and production in every fase of the project, a so called turnkey solution.


What we do


Form3 define, design and implement commercial destinations, that will attract your customers. We show the personality of your brand by creating seductive experiences in an ever changing world.



We have 20 years of experience within retail and store design, and eagerly follow the change retail is undergoing. Our passion is to guide you in the right direction regarding to the trends, and show you new possibilities for your brand. We visualise our ideas in 3D and virtual reality, so that we can show you how your new brand home feels, by putting you into the room before it even exists.


Real Estate

We offer qualified counselling within real estate development. If you have the building, we have the ideas for the inner form and content of the building. We see potentials by analysing city areas and buildings and use the experience we have from many years in the business.


Private Homes

Creating a home is first and foremost about the people and listening to who they are and where they come from. When understanding this, the design and creation of the room will follow, and in the end allow the people to move in with all that belongs to them, making them feel right at home.


Work Spaces

The newest generation to enter the work places, Generation Z, has a different list of priorities when choosing a job, than the previous generations. Most of them rate the working environment, including mental health very high, and would prefer a company lunch programme rather than a fitness center. We design environments to fit all generations, and our focus is to keep up with the trends and be aware of the future demands for the work place.


Our process

We offer a turnkey solution, where we handle the process from the beginning till the end; where you get the key and move into your new surroundings.

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