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Work - Project 10

Day Birger

et Mikkelsen



Day Birger et Mikkelsen




Copenhagen Airport


Wonderful piece goods with beautiful details have been transferred to the retail concept for Day Birger et Mikkelsen - always keeping the individual store in view.

Like a monument, the store shoots up from the ground, built in a mix of international materials. The floor - red Italian terrazzo tiles in Herringbone pattern - is the foundation for the bearing and conceptual element “The running dog”. The inspiration for “The running dog” originates from the old greek meander pattern, made in classical smoked oak from Scandinavia. 

The floating sky with the luminous Day pattern appears modern and light, and at the same time it creates a strong visual bohemian reference to the identity of the store.When put together the store has a compelling effect. The partial transparente walls cause curiosity and the glowing top demands the attention of the travellers eyes.

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